Charging A/C System with Propane

There is some really useful and fairly technical info in this video, but the short version is that propane is a refrigerant and can be used in a normal air conditioner to keep you cool. This could be very useful info is you don’t have access to other refrigerants.

One thought on “Charging A/C System with Propane

  1. My concern is a leak in the evaporator side of the system which is in the house. Should the propane leak out in the house there may be a good chanse if an ignition source in the hose may ignite the gas in the house. Chances are probably slim but none the less. How would the insurance company look at a fire started by a contactor sparking and igniting the leaking propane in the evaporator area.

    In a comercial system the heat exchanger is outside and cold water is pumped into the house to chill the chiller in the air handler. Should a leak acure, the propane will be outside.

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