Potassium Iodide Dosages

The nuclear disaster in Japan re-triggered my interest in nuclear preparedness, although I’m not out in the backyard digging… I’m not that worried yet.

But I did order some before the shelves ran dry and just found an article on how much Potassium Iodide to take and how it works.

The dosages are as follows:

  • Adults – 130 mg
  • Breastfeeding Women – 130 mg
  • Children 3-18 – 65 mg
  • Children over 150 lbs – 130 mg
  • Infants & Children 0-3 yrs – 32 mg
  • Newborn – 16mg

Reas more from the Utah Preppers on Potassium Iodide.

Food Storage Container Weights

This is a wonderful chart I just found at Food Storage Made Easy. It’s a guide for those prepping food for long term storage in #10 cans and 5-gallon buckets.

Food Item #10 Can 5 Gallon Bucket
Wheat 5 pounds 37 pounds
White Flour 4.5 pounds 33 pounds
Cornmeal 4.3 pounds 33 pounds
Popcorn 5 pounds 37 pounds
Rolled Oats 2.5 pounds 20 pounds
White Rice 5.3 pounds 36 pounds
Spaghetti N/A 30 pounds
Macaroni 3.1 pounds 21 pounds
Dried Beans 5.6 pounds 35 pounds
Lima Beans 5.4 pounds 35 pounds
Soy Beans 5 pounds 33 pounds
Split Peas 5 pounds 33 pounds
Lentils 5.5 pounds 35 pounds
White Sugar 5.7 pounds 35 pounds
Brown Sugar 4.42 pounds 33 pounds
Powdered Milk 3 pounds 29 pounds
Powdered Eggs 2.6 pounds 20 pounds


Sun Electronics

Finding good sources for solar panels (and gear) isn’t easy because there are so many solar swindlers out there trying to turn a fast buck. But I think I might have just found a good place (via an ad in Home Power magazine). I like their unassuming website and not-so-slick ads. Ironically the plain-jane practical wrapper builds my confidence. I’ve not purchased from these folks yet.

Sun Electronics

Water Storage Containers

I ran across these large capacity water storage tanks mentioned on the Utah Preppers website. They are made to be easily drained, cleaned, and refilled. The website doesn’t mention that they are BPA-free but I checked with the company and sure enough… they are. Their largest tank is priced at about $1 per gallon. Seems like a bargain to me.

SureWater Tanks

Long-Term Food Storage Containers

I just ran across what seems like the best place to buy long-term food storage containers. I’ve not ordered from them yet though, so this is not a product endorsement of any kind (yet).

The sell BPA-free gamma lids and the prices are really low, at least lower than I’ve seen elsewhere. They also stock mylar bags, heat sealers, 5-gallon buckets, oxygen absorbers, rainwater collection barrels, and water storage tanks too. I kind of suspect many other preparedness retailers get their stuff wholesale from a place like this. Luckily they also sell direct to the public in small quantities.

Baytec Containers

I’m Looking for an Eco-Friendly T-Shirt Printer

It’s not easy to find a company that makes truly eco-friendly custom-printed t-shirts that are made in the USA and use organic fabrics & water based inks. Here’s one that looks great, but their minimum order is 200 shirts. Not sure if I’m ready for that kind of commitment for an experiment. I’d like to offer a t-shirt for sale on Tiny House Design.